MWBN February Luncheon 2013

Meeting New Members at MWBN Events

Cleveland women are confident. That has been proven to me this past week as I took off some time from my work to spend time with my visiting daughter. She was in town on business, representing a French fragrance company. It was a mad dash through the shopping districts of the Cleveland area, meeting with so many strong women. Women with flair and passion for their businesses.

While my daughter wowed the boutiques, I renewed ties with so many old friends and made new connections. I was so pleased to stop by Patraformer MWBN member Durga Chigurupati. The last time I spoke with her was at an MWBN luncheon. She was considering opening a boutique in Eton. She did it and has a lovely store specializing in florals, stationery and gifts that compliment her thriving wedding planning business.

Durga’s networking has been on hold during this busy time but she has plans to change her work schedule. More on that in the next few months.

The world of boutiques is not one where I have a lot of experience but for many members of MWBN its a way of life. A chance to nurture their passion for clothing and accessories while developing their businesses. All of us though enjoy time spent shopping in their boutiques.

In the world of MWBN our members are shop owners, holistic health experts, educators, life counselors, artists, authors and public speakers. All have something in common besides their gender. They are driven to succeed in their businesses…And marketing is the fuel that makes it happen.

This new blog is a way for women business owners to further market their businesses to the membership and the Cleveland area readers. Here you will be able to educate your buyers and clients about what you have to offer. Its a place to market your events, your sales, your products.

Enjoy! and help us grow our readership. It will all benefit you, the MWBN members.

Oh.. and be sure to stop by Patra to see what Durga is up to. Encourage her to find time to join us for one of our events. Or check out her blog for an example of a perfect blog for reaching her clients.


2 thoughts on “Why Confident Cleveland Women?

  1. I’m glad you asked. Here is a link to the Legacy Stories video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEImzPd6JDE
    This is a fairly new organization with great ideas for how to collect, preserve and pass on the living history of the 20th century. There will be a webinar this Thursday evening. If you are interested, please call me. 440-554-4835 In addition to my video business, I am an independent contractor with them.

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