Make your blog earn you cash

Make your blog earn you cash

You have been writing posts for years. Much of it taken from your e newsletters. Still having problems converting these into cash? Try these 3 simple tips that are proven cash machines and see what happens?

    Tip 1 Keep your postings short.

    Your readers are only willing to commit to 3-4 minutes to read your post. The first 10 seconds (1 or 2 sentences) will convince them to continue. A good length is 70-150 words. Need to refer to more information? Use links to landing pages or FAQs to get more information across. This can be on the blog where you are composing the article or on another website where you are driving traffic.

    Tip 2 Identify a need that you can answer and mention it in your headline.

    Getting more traffic to your post is always a must. Research keywords on Google and be sure to use the ones that best convert in your headline. Want to add even more punch? Keep using those keywords in the posting.

    Tip 3 Be sure to ask for the business

    Just like a personal pitch, your posting need an ask to close the sale. Be sure to have a product or service in mind when you write your posting. Link to a landing page that describes the service or product and make your pitch.

    Brenda Greathouse is the brains behind Gemma Marketing. She has taken her extensive background working in the health care industry while building information networks and the non profit sector into successfully helping people build stronger business relationships through event marketing and social media. Why not register for her upcoming MWBN workshop on harnessing the power of the MWBN website to add a new layer to your small business marketing plan?


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