zen business woman
People often ask if there is a secret to being both peaceful and contented in the midst of high business activity. They know I have so much going on in my life as a speaker, coach and author and wonder how I do what I do. The secret lies with your ability to sense things you may not be able to see.

The Secret -Trusting Your Body

Your body does not lie. Your body is an amazing vehicle that provides feedback all the time in the way of physical sensations, emotions and perceptions. Rather than ignoring these sensations, you can actually work with them to make better decisions, pace your activity, elevate your moods and create better health.

· Begin by paying careful attention to simple things like pain, stiffness, inflammation, hunger, digestion, breathing, thirst, fatigue and how well you feel when you awaken each day.

· Become curious about your patterns. Are there foods that are extremely satisfying and make you feel exceptionally well? Use your patterns to fine-tune better choices.

· Use a journal to keep track of your physical awareness every single day. Make sure to note something about your physical experience you are grateful for.

· As you make positive changes in your activity, relationships, choices and diet also pay attention to how your body experiences these things.

· Are you facing an important decision? Quiet yourself and check in with your body for advice.

· Use the tongue testing technique detailed on page 98 of my book Energy Makeover as a great way to use your body to access intuitive guidance discretely.

· You can also partner with someone who is skilled at “muscle testing” or energy kinesiology to check your body’s alignment with a pending decision. Ask me to show you how this is done next time we meet.

As you gain awareness, you will also be able to respond to the world in ways that place you just where you need to be. Life and work actually become easier when you relax and trust your body.

Betsy Muller is the woman behind the Indigo Connection. You can find out how working with Betsy can help you reach your goals at http://www.theindigoconnection.com Be sure to purchase your copy of her book Energy Makeover while you are there.


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